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Lose Your Anxiety for Good!- 6 Weeks to Serenity


Lose Your Anxiety for Good!



Evaluation and Intention Setting 

Review intake form and assess what’s currently not working for you.

Design a plan of action for inevitable success.


Desired State Goal Setting - Dive Deep 

Uncover your key motivator for making lasting change. 

Clear the clutter and set up an environment for inevitable success - creating your perfect stress-free environment. 

Take-action to lose your anxiety for good.


Developing your personalized calming ritual

Cultivate a personal calming ritual for losing anxiety


Nourishing your body for better sleep at night

Discover what foods stabilize your energy during the day to reduce anxiety attacks and get better sleep at night


Nourishing your mind and soul for mental clarity 

Reduce Mental Stress and Anxiety

Discover the best type of movement for optimal energy during the day and serenity at night.


Coming to a Close and the Journey Moving Forward 

The power of reflection and appreciation of how far you have come.

Discovering what’s next. 

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Transform Your Body and Energy Now - 90 Day Intensive

Transform Your Body and Energy Now!




Intention & Goal Setting:

Uncover your key motivating factor for making lasting change. 

Clean House:

Clear the clutter from your life creating an environment for inevitable success

Learn about your unique body:

Discover what foods that boost your metabolism and give you the most energy, and mental clarity.

Developing Intuition; Tuning in into your body:

Honoring your hunger and fullness learning how to eat for optimal digestion and metabolism.



Inventory and refinement:

Refine key motivating factor and secure your foundation for successful transformation.

Recognize and Prevent Self Sabotage:

Uncover your hidden self-sabotaging patterns that keep you stuck.

Turn Healthy habits into permanent behaviors:

Linking pleasure with healthy habits for lasting change:

Reduce mental stress and anxiety:

Learn how to relax for optimal energy, digestion, and sleep



What really needs nourishment?

Uncover your potential for greater self-expression. 

Heal and transform old wounds to move forward in your life: 

Uncover hidden disempowering beliefs that drive your health and your life.

Integration: Embracing self-acceptance and acknowledging your accomplishments:

Review your achievements and new “baseline” of health. Survey your life inventory and explore the next level.

Coming to a close and the Journey Ahead

The power of reflection and appreciation of how far you have come.

Discovering what’s next.

“THE TOTAL BODY AND ENERGY TRANSFORMATION” is much more than transformation of your Body and Energy it is a transformation of The Mind Body Spirit Love and Money Freedom into new possibilities for living the best life possible and living an Extraordinary Life!


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Creating Your Own Extraordinary Life On Purpose Blueprint! Singnature Program

Live Your Extraordinary Life On Purpose Blueprint


I help you uncover and anchor your most vital motivating factor for transformation, clear the clutter from your life and set up the conditions for inevitable success, and discover what foods and movements give you optimal energy and mental clarity.


Turn healthy habits into behaviors that last by linking pleasure with healthy lifestyle choices, recognize and prevent self-sabotage, and reduce mental stress tap in into inner soul through prayer and meditation.


Discover other areas in your life that need to be nourished, healing old wounds, and anchoring self-acceptance through acknowledgement.


Uncover your relationship to yourself and the hidden disempowering beliefs that drive your life and affect your health, Discover your life purpose and stepping into it, and Create Your Personal Extraordinary Lifestyle Blueprint.


It's Your Season, Your Time to Shine and Start Living  Your Extraordinary Life On Purpose!

No more negative beliefs! Time to break through the darkness of generational pathologies' and step into the light of blessings of health wealth and abundance where anything is possible! Speak life into the power of your words with empowering beliefs and conviction! No more living out of fear but live with a true sense of purpose and that you were meant to achieve greater in your life. 

I am speaking from the heart right now and telling you the things that could possibly holding you from making major change. How do I know this to be true? I am speaking from life experience of old beliefs, patterns and behaviors and discovered that the only thing that prevented me from my soul desire was my self! Living out of FEAR! It was not until I made a true decision and faced with life circumstances of bouncing from job to job that I was forced to decide what it is I really want and why do I keep making the same repeated choices that left me unfulfilled. I decided that I will no longer do things that does not serve me. It was the best decision I have ever made in my life and I am doing what I love and that is serving my community of women and empowering them to be strong, healthy, happy and live with direction and purpose! 

I say all this to say there is no need to feel like you will be judged or feel embarrassed about opening up with me. As your personal coach and partner, we share a common goal and it’s YOU! It doesn’t serve you nor does it serve me if I can’t help you achieve your goals. I want to help you on your personal journey and I am committed to helping you get there! I only require that you commit and make the effort that is required for change. How’s that?


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Plant Based Meals Program

Plant  Pure Nation has begun an movement on Healing America through plant based nutrition meal program. I love  and support their work so please check it out!