Onika Arthur- Llyod


I have been working with Marsha for several weeks now. Since being in the program I have learned to be more aware of the foods that I’m eating and techniques to live stress free, Marsha is easy to talk to and make the program fun which helps towards building me to be that "better me" I can be!!! I look forward to our weekly meets on what we’re going to learn new.

Thank you to my Coach Marsha you're the best!!!


Since completing the  program I  realized the importance  of the breath . Taking my time to breathe before I eat is  very empowering!  I've also learned to focus more on  me and not being  conflicted with other people . I will no longer allow other peoples issues consume me! Thank  you so  much!

Washington ,  D.C.

S. J. Davis

Marsha's health program is one of the best things that could have happened to me at this point in my life. I've become more disciplined and more confident in my ability to achieve the goals I set for myself.  it's only been two weeks and I have already lost 5 pounds! For the first time in a long time in a long time, I feel a if everything is coming together. 


Since completing the program I have learned to be more focused on the positive rather than the  negative aspects of life. I  eat slower now and I am more aware when I'm eating  and  that is to eat when satisfied not when I am full.  I also was surprised  to learn that  you burn calories when you  are breathing during meals and it  is better to time your time chewing your meals!  I am so happy that I have taken Marsha's  program  and  would highly recommend her.  Thanks Marsha!

Montgomery, AL

Cynthia Fountain


Working with Marsha has been an absolutely wonderful experience. I appreciate her awesome insight, patience, and nonjudgmental attitude. She is gentle in her mannerism yet firm at holding me accountable for my actions. She is beautiful both inside and out. She walks her talks and I highly recommend her. She is an excellent health and life coach.

Evans, GA



Accept all of who you are in the present moment and all of who you will Become!



Give yourself permission and say "Yes" to Self! 

I want my session!



Live the life that you were meant to live on Purpose!